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Podcast: Mountaineering & Trekking in the Pandemic Era

Given the accumulated experience of Covid cases in outdoors from all over the world, it is possible to make rational risk assessments and provide mitigation guidance to make our sports safer from the COVID-19 point of view. Here is the link to the recent podcast where we discuss the subject in detail:    Mountaineering & Trekking in the Pandemic Era
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Baljuri 5922m, Kumaon Himalaya: An Alpine Style Attempt in Winter

During the 2nd and 3rd week of December 2020, a team of 4 climbers made an attempt to climb Mt Baljuri 5922m in Him-Alpine style by the Baljuri col-North ridge route. The expedition did not use the services of any HAP or local guide beyond the traditional base camp of Baljuri and adopted a fast and light ‘carry, camp and climb’ style. The team reached Dwali (2610m) on 12th December and used two alternate ferry days via Phurkia (3189m) to station themselves at the traditional Base Camp (3600m) site of Baljuri on 16th December. During the approach march, the team encountered fresh new snow from a kilometer below Dwali and half way up to the Zero Point (3750m) the team found the trail covered in 6 inches to 1 feet of snow.  On 17th December, 3 climbers (Aniket, Rivu and Anindya) started climbing the spur that leads one to the traditional Camp-1 site of Baljuri. The spur was a mixture of frozen grass, mud and boulders under a thick and deceptive blanket of soft new snow. The trio reached

Mountaineering Expeditions in 2022

I am working on our expedition calendar for 2022. It is going to be an interesting calendar with a diverse choice of regions, seasons, grades and duration. I am pretty confident that we will have the full calendar ready by the middle of November. As an experiment, ( a very exciting one for me) I am going to offer Hiking and Climbing in Kenya and Tanzania in 2022 . I hiked Kilimanajro back in 2005, climbed in the Rwenzoris (Uganda) in 2015 and climbed Nelion, Mt Kenya in early 2020. It would be wonderful to go back to Africa and guide a team there. In the Indian Himalaya, our calendar will have a range of expeditions to choose from with a choice for every moutaineering enthusiast- from the beginner to the more experienced. The Indian Himalaya is open and travelling across the Himalayan states is back to normal . Whether you are interested in climbing some of the most iconic mountains of the Indian Himalaya or would rather engage in some exploratory mountaineering- I welcome you to the I

A Little Snowshower on 2L1B- A short film by Wangial Kaya

 Surrounded by Ladakh's towering peaks and an alien desolation of a landscape, a band of three had just joined forces. With an unknown valley ahead and an unscaled mountain in sight, this curious company of two ladakhis and one bengali (2L1B) -- a musician, an aspiring mountain filmmaker and a seasoned climber-- were setting a plan afoot. The goal was to push a blitz attempt on an unnamed 6000m summit, true to the essence of an alpine style climb. Treading lightly on the terrain, with the bare minimum of necessities, expenses and impact on the surroundings, the project had had to be an exercise in precise and economic execution of the alpine craft. The team went strong with the odds in their favour upto the final camp, the top within the reach of but a few more hours' worth of toil. It was just then that the skies were besieged by a fierce, battering snow storm. The onslaught of wind and snow seemed to get harsher by the hour, as frustration from the jeopardized ascent turned t

TREK AROUND THE MAYEL LYANG- November & December 2021

  TREK AROUND THE MAYEL LYANG- NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER 2021 THE HIDDEN LAND OF MYTHICAL PARADISE OF THE LEPCHA PEOPLE IN NORTH SIKKIM   Trip Highlight:   Culture, Jungle trek, Monasteries, Himalayan Lake, Off the Beaten Path  Approaching the Kishong Lake MAYEL LYANG: IT’S MEANING AND WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT ‘Mayel Lyang’ is a Lepcha term that literally means “mythical paradise” or “hidden paradise”. It is also referred to as ‘Ancient Sikkim’ by the Lepcha. They believe their immortal ancestors still live in the snows of Kangchenjunga, hidden. Here Ma (‘Maa)’ means hidden, ‘yel’ means eternal and ‘kyong’/Lyang means a village in Lepcha; therefore, ‘Maayel Kyong’ literally means a ‘hidden and eternal Lepcha Village’. Lepchas believe that seven immortal Lepcha couples live in Mayel Lyang. It is a paradise on earth. It is believed by the Lepchas that ‘Maayel Kyong’ is situated at the head of Dzongu. The Lepcha offer their prayers, ovations and salutations to Maayel Ky

Chel-Jaldhaka Traverse- Guided Low Altitude Treks across Dooars

    Adventure Mania Himalaya presents Chel- Jaldhaka Traverse Low Altitude Treks along the Foothills of the Eastern Himalaya Description: This is a trek along and across the beautiful, lush green hills of Dooars. After a firsthand survey of the route we at Adventure Mania Himalaya have designed a special trail and itinerary connecting villages, tea gardens, dense forest trails and a series of rivers like Chel, Mal, Neora, Murti, Naxal and Jaldhaka.   The best time to do these treks is between the months of November to March. Trekking Grade:   Moderate.   This circuit is suitable for beginners. Highlights of the Trek ·         The entire trek route falls under Gorubathan block of Kalimpong district of West Bengal. It is completely open for tourism and thus offers less complication due to inter-state travel which is likely to appear anytime in this pandemic era.   ·         One can choose to stay at cozy home-stays during the trek or choose to stay in a tent and thu

Guided Cycling Tours Across Dooars

Adventure Mania Himalaya presents Tour De Dooars Guided Adventure Cycling across Dooars in collaboration with Tusker’s Trails Adventures   Highlights of this trip: ·          Full service guided cycling trip amid the lush green Dooars discovering its Tea gardens, rivers and dense forest trails. ·          Stay at luxury resorts and comfortable ‘home-stays’.   ·          A healthy, responsible and rewarding way to experience nature and support local communities ·          Trip departure date/s (ex Siliguri) – 5 and 25 December, 2020 . Outline Itinerary: 1- (3 Nights, 4 Days) Day 1 : Arrive NJP/Siliguri/Bagdogra, Transfer to Lataguri by private transport. Stay at Tusker’s Den Forest Resort. Conditioning bike ride for about 10kms in the afternoon through tea gardens and river banks. Introduction to the programme ‘Tour De Dooars’ and a session called ‘Know your bike’ that will familiarize you with your ride and provide safety instructions.   Team briefing in th