Adventure Mania Expedition in Spiti 2017: Inviting Climbers

Two Peaks, Two Passes in Two Weeks

Fluted Peak 6139. A 1994 photo by Arun Samant. Image Courtesy: The Himalayan Journal

Summary: In July 2017, a team of experienced mountaineers and expedition guides of Adventure Mania invites aspiring climbers to participate and climb with them in the Losar valley where over 14 peaks are over 5900m. In this trip however, we plan to climb two major mountains, namely Larimo (5995m) and Fluted Peak (6139m) and also climb two passes in the process: Gyundi Pass (5700m) and Losar Pass (5715m). The itinerary is built in a way so that the climber can acclimatise well and enjoy the expedition thoroughly and yet the trip ends within a comfortable time frame of just 2 weeks ex Manali. 

The Mountains: Fluted Peak 6139m and Larimo 5995m
Location: North West Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, Losar Valley, Catchments of the Suvita Nala
Difficulty: The climbs are from Basic snow & ice to mixed rock and ice climb. Fairly interesting and challenging due to altitude
Time: July 2017
Tentative date of departure from Manali: July 8, 2017
Style of climb: Guided ascent using fixed rope where necessary 

We at Adventure Mania believe that climbing mountains is a serious business irrespective of the height. Since the route may offer technical ice sections, participants are expected to have appropriate climbing skills. The high altitude alone requires a high degree of fitness and endurance. In addition, participants should already have some experience in high-altitude climbing. Adventure Mania Sherpa and Guide team will fix rope, help ferry loads and set up camps, take you to the summit, and even cook for you all along the route/trip.

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